Steps from the Hotel is the Lake of Ganzirri (The Great Lake) which, together with the Lake of Faro (The Smaller Lake), is an integral part of the Capo Peloro Natural Preserve. Officially declared of ethno-anthropological interest, the area is a historic site of artisanship in sea-food cultivation.

The Great Lake of Ganzirri is an oasis of peace and tranquillity. Strollers along its shores can admire it for its natural beauty. It is visited by hundreds of species of birds who stop, to rest and provision there, during their long migration to the African coast.

Moving off the perimeter of the Lake, a sea-side road leads to the Village of Torre Faro. Along that road, one can see the enchanting Straits of Messina. At Capo Peloro, the place closest (3 kilometers) to the shores of Calabria, where in fact the Sicilian island and the Italian peninsula seem to be touching, one can visit Horcynus Orca Literary Park (named after the omonomous novel by Stefano D’Arrigo) and the beautiful “English Tower”, testimony to one of the many historical periods of foreign dominance in Sicily). (

The beautiful natural environment includes the beach at Capo Peloro, a mere 3 kilometers from the Hotel. Abutting village housing, the beach has very fine sand, with a color in harmony with the splendid and crystal-clear blue of the sea—a true paradise for long and delightful days at the sea.