Milazzo is an important city on the north-eastern coast in the province of Messina, known for its historic center, the seafront and the beaches.

Like many other cities in Sicily, it has been a land of conquest of different populations over time. Each of them has left a mark of its presence in the cultural and architectural sphere.

Two areas can be distinguished:

  • the upper part, located at the foot of a hill, is the medieval ancient village of medieval origins that develops around castle. In this area there are many religious buildings
  • the modern area, which developed along the coast and the port, the fulcrum of the Milazzo economy.


Castello Milazzo


Chiesa San Papino

It was built by a group of friars in 1620 on the ruins of an ancient Renaissance church. There is also the convent of the Order of the Reformed Friars Minor.


Teatro Trifiletti Milazzo

The Trifiletti Theater was created by the will of the entrepreneur Stefano Trifiletti and designed by the engineer Letterio Savoja. It was inaugurated in 1912 by staging Verdi’s Rigoletto.

It has hosted the greatest interpreters of classical music, prose and comedy. Still today it is usable, thanks to some restoration work carried out after the Municipality of Milazzo purchased it in 1986.


Villa Vaccarino is a wonderful example of a Liberty style building, built in 1929 by the engineer Gaetano Bonanno. The decorative part has been curated by the painter Michele Amoroso.

Inside it is decorated with elements in wood, iron and stucco.

The wrought iron outer gate and the garden with its many varieties of flowers, plants and trees also stand out.


Duomo nuovo Milazzo

The New Cathedral of St. Stephen (Patron of the City), was built recently. In fact, it was rushed in 1951. It is the largest church of Milazzo.

The beaches

Spiaggia Ponete Milazzo dall'alto

Milazzo is known for its stretch of coast and its crystal clear sea

Among its beaches, we mention:

  • The Ponente beach is one of the most equipped  in Milazzo and therefore very popular. It is characterized by the presence of gravel of white pebbles.
  • Baia del Tono is located on the last stretch of the “Lungomare di Ponente”. It develops in a straight line for a few kilometers. Suddenly it bends and joins with a rocky ridge and the cliff, giving a breathtaking view. In the background the Aeolian Islands stand out
  • Capo Milazzo: the landscape is characterized by some  spurs near the water of the promontory. The water is crystalline blue-green.


Piscina di Venere Milazzo

At the extreme tip of Capo Milazzo stands this “splendid natural swimming pool”, which fills up with high tide. It’s an idyllic place to swim or sunbathe.

It can be reached via a path and a staircase that crosses olive groves, cacti and rocky walls.

For the walk of 2 km, about 15 minutes, we recommend comfortable shoes, preferably trekking shoes, hat and of course the swimsuit.

From the port there are connections with ships and hydrofoils to/from the Aeolian Islands